Come Check Out Our New Office Built With Shipping Containers!

As a company Grey Countdown has been using the game of paintball to build teamwork for many years. As the company grew it began to become more and more expensive to fund these teambuilding days. It soon became clear that it was more financially responsible for Grey Countdown to build their own paintball facility so that they can use it more frequently whenever a department earns a reward. It can also be used to help bring new employees into the company and make them feel welcome in their new positions.

Creating this facility would not be possible if it weren’t for the Conex storage containers that Grey Countdown purchased. These containers are able to quickly become safe areas for teams to use in order to regroup and form strategies so they can defeat the other teams. All they needed was a coat of paint and they would not stand out from the background. These containers made a great deal of financial sense to Grey Countdown because they could quickly become integrated into the paintball facility without the effort involved in building a similar building from scratch. Even the simplest building would be more complicated to build in the area designated for the paintball arena.

Grey countdown proves that the uses for Conex storage containers are only limited by the imagination. While some individuals only see these storage units as serving one purpose which is providing extra storage space. Grey Countdown has proven that the need for extra storage is only one reason to consider buying a Conex storage container.

Even if you don’t need a safe area for playing paintball or need some extra storage space a Conex storage container may be able to meet your needs. Buying a storage container can bring you the same flexibility that another building would bring without the cost and effort of building the new building. The uses are only limited by your need and imagination.